our love story


His Side

“I met LaVondra April 2012 having no clue, thought or even an assumption we'd end up a blended family and ultimately sharing a last name. February 2013, I slipped up and uttered 3 strong words "I Love You". I definitely wasn't ready to admit because I knew what came along with it. Fast forward to April 23rd 2018, after asking her parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage, I asked her would she do the honor of being my wife. She said YES!... I still don't know why though. Lol!”.


Her Side

“Dwayne followed me on Twitter in April of 2012. The only reason I sent him a DM first is because I wanted to know who he was and why he decided to follow me. From there we exchanged numbers and became good friends. He told me that he loved me first but we didn’t become official until 3 years after. We basically grew up together and decided to have our sons grow up together too. On April 23rd 2018, on our birthday trip in Cancun, Mexico, Dwayne proposed to me and of course I said YES”!

Two Families Bound Together By Love

The Ceremony

April 24th 2020

Since we were engaged in the Spring, we would not have it any other way but to have our union celebrated in the Spring as well. The ‘just right’ temperatures and beautiful, vibrant colors invite a cheerful and light ambiance. This color board will help you make the best choice when picking attire for the attendance of our wedding.


For those traveling into DC to help us celebrate our nuptials, there are beautiful hotels near the ceremony location, such as Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites, Hyatt Place, Courtyard by Marriott or book your stay at your choice of hotels or resorts at The National Harbor. This location is only a 30 minute ride to the ceremony location. If looking for an Airbnb, start your search in Brookland area.

The venue is also located within minutes of the Brookland (Red Line) Metro Station. Bus Transportation is also available by the H6 Brookland-Fort Lincoln route. There will be ample off street parking in front of and behind the venue.

wedding registries

We couldn’t decide on one specific registry so we made a few!

I know that some of OuR family and friends won’t be able to make it. I also want my TBQ Family to share this special day with me so I’m streaming our ceremony right here! Make sure you get your outfits ready and your tissues handy.

Virtual Guestbook

Leave Dwayne and LaVondra some positive words that they can carry with them into their new chapter of love.

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“I want to say firstly that I love you all's union. I have watched you both grow together from a far. I love that you both are very different but still mesh together so well. I hope that you are a great wife to him and he a great husband to you (pack that nigga lunch and get that morning quickie in everyday 😂😂) continue to create wonderful memories for your grands to come but all in all just love on each other as much as possible. Never go to bed upset and always respect each other no matter what. I can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful black family. I want to continue to be apart of you all’s lives as we all grow and glow. I love y’all 🥰😘”

- Chiquita FosteR

“Blondie be knowing!!! I love u guys!!!”

-LaToya Mackall

“I wish you both love and happiness. Marriage is not easy, but design it to fit your lives. Be kind in your speech and gentle in your touch. Congratulations to the family”.

-Dawn Shinholster-Evans

“I am over the top excited for you two! Anthony and I will be saving up so we can be there! And hopefully we can get Auntie Carolyn up there too (if we drive, she’ll come)! 💜
Blessings and abundance to you now and always!
Love you all”!

-Clarissa Winchester

“I met you guys this year (2019).However you guys compliment each other very well and I can’t wait to see you guys show me how it’s done! Y’all story is beautiful, inspiring and huge GOALS... Congrats and I look forward to seeing y’all look BOMB on the final stop to your NEW journey.. Eternity of blessings”.

-Danie Bee

“I have wedding jitters as if I’m the one getting married (well, he is marrying all of us) lol. I wish you two lovebirds nothing but blessings & joy as you embark on this journey. I am so stoked to watch y’all grow in marriage. The turn up finna be so real! Love you guys”!

-Kim Hovis

“Your family is sooo beautiful mama!!!! Congrats to you both”

-Jessica Grell

 My girl! I love you so much and I am so so so happy for you and HeyBoo! Yall have opened your home to me on multiple occassions and I am blessed to be able to call you two friends. cant wait for the wedding. You know Im going to be all hands on deck when the time comes! Congrats. You deserve all the love you get”.

-Parris Parks

I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. I’ve read both of your love stories and I find them simply beautiful. Your engagement photos are gorgeous and I could really feel the love shared between the two of you. Congratulations King and Queen 😘

-Monique Willis