Mothers with Motives Brunch

Mothers with Motives Brunch is a interactive empowerment, networking, and branding event based in Washington, DC. Once a year women from all over the DC metropolitan area and further come together to fellowship, uplift and create business connections that will ultimately propel them in the right direction to become successful business and brand owners. At the annual Mothers with Motives Brunch, we strive to create a spark in the female community to go after their dreams even while raising a family or caring for a family member.

Empowering Women to Become Women of Power
— Mothers with Motives' mission statement

This past Mother’s with Motives Brunch was held in South East Washington, DC. at the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Center (THEARC). Just a few weeks before Mother’s day, we hosted 50+ women to engage in talk of networking, self-care, mental health and birthing a business.


Panelist graced our attendees ears, hearts and minds with personal testimonies the spilled over into the success of their businesses. We want each and every attendee to not only leave the event feeling full physically but also internally.


Mothers with Motives Brunch was created to be used as a catapult to promote yourself or your business. Networking is a major key in every success story so we push our attendees to get out of their comfort zones and start making connections.

Mothers with Motives Brunch 2019 is in the works. To be the first to get detailed information about Mothers with Motives Brunch, click here.