My Natural Hair Journey

Who ever coined the phrase “Natural Hair Journey” was not lying. I have been fully natural for a little over 2 years now and it has been such an up and down hill journey. It has been frustrating, yet insightful. Let’s start 1st, with the beginning of my journey.

I did the big chop twice in 2008 during a very toxic and tumultuous relationship. I had long, dense, relaxed hair and one day I decided that I was going to cut it. I’m not sure why, but I felt brand new and stronger than ever afterward. I began to stand up for myself with a lot of things I was scared to confront before the chop. Soon after my first big chop, that relationship ended. After wearing a short cut for a while I was starting to lose my confidence again because I felt like my face had become more masculine without my hair. I started doing more protective style and was even introduced to the sew-in and quick weave world. Honestly, I hate weaves all together but the length and fullness achieved from them made me feel better about myself on the inside. Ultimately, I ended up relaxing my hair again for one reason only, and that was to make sure my leave out would blend well. 2012 is when I did the big chop….. yet again. When I think about it, I was also going through another “hard pill to swallow” phase in my life. I had just given birth to my handsome son, Demetri and PostPartum depression was a complete reminder that life comes at you fast. I wasn’t feeling like myself. I decided to take on this role as a single mother and I thought maybe, I made the wrong decision. But that story is for another post. I felt I hit rock bottom while trying to hold my baby above water. I grabbed the scissors and I just cut. It wasn’t as dramatic as Sanaa Lathan on “Nappily Ever After” but the outcome was the same. I was BALD y’all! Not BALD bald, but think military buzz cut. It made me feel free again. Not having to worry about my hair every morning, whether my edges were going to be there when I wake up. Nothing! I felt like I had less on my plate with this one spontaneous decision. It was life changing but old habits tend to slow. After my hair started to grow out more, it became more overwhelming than before. I was not about to add more stress back into my life so I relaxed it, yet again. 3 more years of protective styling later I hit a turning point with my hair. I applied a relaxer and my hair came out perfect as always. A few hours later where ever my hair touched my skin, it broke out in hives. I was mortified and devastated. I was not ready to big chop again, I had so many fears about my natural hair. I had no clue what to think or do. I was used to the easy natural lifestyle of low cuts and soft fades. So I did what any new naturalista would do, I turned to Youtube. There I found out that I didn’t have to cut all my hair off, but I could just transition. That’s exactly what I did! 2 years later here I am, fully natural, and fully happy!

Every Naturalista’s walk in the Natural Hair Journey is different. Here are some tips that may help make your journey a little less rocky than mine.

  1. Whether you Big Chop or Transition you have to be secure in who you are first, before you can be comfortable with your natural hair.

  2. All great things take time, so don’t rush the process of your natural hair journey!

  3. It’s your choice. Your hair is a part of your body and NO ONE should have any say so on what you do or don’t do with it.

  4. The Big Chop is not for everyone and It’s not necessary. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

  5. Starting over is not a big deal. If you don’t like the what you see, look for inspiration and start from scratch.

  6. Your natural hair is beautiful!

Now I know some things are easier said then done so before I end this post I’ll leave you with a few Naturalista who have helped me and are still helping as I navigate my way to healthy natural hair.




Chizi Duru

Day La Soul

Ruthie Patootie

The Doux